About Me

Hello, I'm Valencia! My story is one of resilience and relentless pursuit of dreams. Despite the challenges of being a teenage mom, I swiftly navigated through college in 3.5 years, balancing education and work with unwavering determination.

As a child, I was captivated by fashion and modeling, often dreaming in the vibrant world of elegant styles and runway glamour. This childhood passion for the beauty and creativity of fashion resurfaced unexpectedly, through a connection to my youngest son's daycare provider, who sold jewelry. It was a gentle nudge back to my first love - fashion.

My aspirations led me to Maryland, where I carved out a successful career in the federal government, becoming a six-figure earner. But my heart yearned for more - more for me, more for my family. Embracing the opportunity with Paparazzi Accessories, I stepped into a world that melded my professional skills with my personal passion for fashion.

This journey with Paparazzi was more than a financial decision; it became a journey of personal growth, fashion exploration, and skill enhancement. It's been about refining my communication, mastering social media, expanding my network, and learning the importance of self-care and intentional living. Fashion became a medium through which I could express myself and inspire others, blending style with empowerment.

Now, my mission is to empower working moms, reminding them that their dreams of more are not only valid but essential. It's their time to step into a life of abundance. Through my story and Paparazzi Accessories, I aim to inspire and support, showing that it's possible to achieve dreams with style and grace. With each piece of jewelry, I offer a chance to explore personal style, embrace fashion's transformative power, and add a touch of elegance to everyday life.